Your First 90 Days: An IT and Infosec Leader Onboarding Kit

The Ultimate Arsenal of Tried-and-True Tools for Making the Most of Your Infosec and IT Leadership Position

You’ve been in that fishbowl before – all eyes on you. How do you make the most of your fresh start as you lead security, innovate your department, and build cross-department respect?

Wisegate’s “Your First 90 Days: An IT and Infosec Leader Onboarding Kit” offers member insights, leader polls, survey results, and helpful tips, including:

  • Building strong relationships quickly
  • Aligning with the right contingent
  • Embracing corporate culture, and more. 

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“Our careers should always be a series of ‘the first 90 days’, even while we’re in the same place.” – Wisegate Member

Who is Wisegate?

Wisegate is an invitation-only crowdsourced collaboration service for IT leaders. Part knowledge community, part analyst firm, Wisegate unlocks the traditional knowledge gates, connecting peers, hosting virtual roundtables, and producing and analyzing customized research, surveys, and more. See if you qualify for membership

Your First 90 Days: An Infosec and IT Leader Onboarding Kit