Wisegate Geek Speak ToolKit

A Guide for Effectively Communicating Security Risks to the Board

It’s many IT professionals’ dreaded task—explaining security risks to Business management. According to Wisegate members, senior executives understand risk well; they just don’t always understand the geek-speak that we use when we talk to them about these risks. IT security teams have to learn about Business language because Business doesn’t understand the geek-speak of security. Learning to communicate effectively with the C-suite can make IT professionals feel more confident answering questions (like “Are we safe?”) and, in turn, feel safer in their positions.
Wisegate’s “Geek Speak for the C-Suite” kit contains a list of steps IT professionals should consider in order to help communicate confidently with the C-Suite.
Learn how you can prepare for board meetings and conversations with Business executives, and join many of your peers in the quest for being a trusted security professional for your company. 

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Critical Resource:
Geek Speak for the C-Suite

“What the board really wants to know is that it is safe. You have to be careful how you answer that question because it can get you fired, or it can get you promoted.”

– Wisegate Member