Developing an IT
Security Strategy Toolkit

A Guide to Developing an IT Security Strategy for Your Company

According to Wisegate members, the need for a formal IT security strategy is extremely important, however nearly 100 percent of polled members say their current security strategy is not fully mature. Is this the case for your company? If so, you’re hardly alone. That’s why we’re making this resource available to Infosec and IT pros like you.

Wisegate’s “Resource for Developing an IT Security Strategy” offers:

  • A tips sheet for beginning and executing the process of formalizing an IT security strategy
  • A presentation that makes the case for developing an IT security strategy that you can modify and use within your own company
  • A formal IT security strategy template that you can use to complete your own formal strategy document  

Learn how you can prepare your company for a solid security strategy, and join many of your peers in the quest for being better prepared to handle security risks and threats.

Keep your IT security strategy top of mind…don’t let it become that plan that sits on a shelf and is forgotten about and not thoroughly referenced throughout the year.” 

– Wisegate Member

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Critical Resource: Developing
an IT Security Strategy